AGES 16-21

MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY from 1:00-5:00pm for 5 weeks

starting July 13th 

For 5 weeks we will focus on a different show each week, learning a selection of songs, dances and scenes on Monday and Wednesday and filming on Friday. We are planning to film each show at a different outside location each Friday. Over the weekend, we will then have a digital showing of the project of the week. We will also edit all 5 shows together at the end of the 5 weeks for a final performance including solo and small group numbers that will be assigned to each actor. 

The 5 shows we will be working on are:


PROJECT FEE: $250.00

AUDITIONS: By Video Submission - please submit a video of you singing any musical theatre song in the style of the show. Audition videos would be roughy one minute in length. PLEASE SEND ALL VIDEOS TO:

Auditions are due NO LATER than Saturday July 11th.

Cast will be notified no later than Sunday July 12th.

REHEARSALS:Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-10:00 and some Sundays starting July 14th. A full calendar will be sent when audition videos are received so you can send us back any conflicts you might have. 
Rehearsals will be staggered - not all actors will be called to every rehearsal.

This show will be filmed over the first 2 weeks of August (finishing no later than August 12th) so additional days may be necessary for filming.

*Guidelines pending, we are hoping to offer the option to rehearse in person but you can also participate fully on Zoom if that works better for your family. 

SHOW FEE: $300.00


Though summer will be a bit different this year than other years, we are so excited to be offering 3 Summer programs for actors ages 5 and up!

Upcoming Auditions...

*If you are auditioning for both the 5 Musical Project and Songs for a New World, you may send one song fo both. Please just let us know in the email that you are doing both!

CAMP 1: July 20th-24th from 9:00am-12:00pm 

CAMP 2: July 27th-31st from 9:00-am-12:00pm

*If you are auditioning for both the 5 Musical Project and Songs for a New World, you may send one song fo both. Please just let us know in the email that you are doing both!

AGES 5-16

A week long camp where your actor will learn songs and dances from some of the best Disney musicals. Each week will be different material so your actor can join us for just one week or participate in both weeks!

We will learn material Monday-Thursday and then will film what we have learned on Friday with a screening of the camp performance online the Saturday after the camp ends! 

We have two options of how to participate in these camps - In person at the studio or from home over Zoom! Because we are filming our final project, your actor can easily film from home and send it to us to be added in to the final video if that works best for your family. 

Camp Fee:

$150.00 for 1 week or $250.00 to participate in both weeks!

Questions about any of our summer programs?

Don't hesitate to contact us at

Top hat 8 repertory


AGES 12-20

AUDITIONS: All who register for this will be cast and receive a part but we are asking for an “audition” video to be submitted once you register. This will allow us to cast all of the roles throughout the 5 weeks. 

Please send a video of your singing a minute of any musical theatre song that best shows your vocal ability to A Youtube link is great.

Actors will be assigned roles at the beginning of the process so everyone will be a part of all 5 weeks and each actor will play a different role each week. 

We will be completing this project both over Zoom and in person at the studio. Rehearsals will be a mix of both so some days you may work from home and some days you may work in person. If you are more comfortable participating only over Zoom, that is absolutely ok! You can film yourself at the end of the week and we will edit you in to our final video of the week! When registering, it will ask you to choose In-Person/Zoom combo or Zoom Only so we know what you are comfortable with.

Because each week is a different show, it is possible to still participate in this project even if you will miss a week. 

We are planning to offer some rehearsals in person as long as CDC guidelines allow, but will also offer a fully ONLINE (via Zoom) option for every program. We will continue to follow recommendations and will update everyone as we get closer about what the final plan is and how a ZOOM or hybrid model will work.
For more information on what we are doing to ensure the health and safety of everyrone at the studio, please click HERE.